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These are only a few photos of what’s happening in Brazil. We will not tolerate power abuse. We will change. The media shut down 3g signals around the conflict areas, along with radio signals. The TV is only covering the parts that stain the people’s reputation, the public. The TV’s being puppeteered by FIFA and big shot politicians. Don’t come to Brazil. Don’t support FIFA. We don’t need world cups, and we won’t have. The revolution will not be televised. Please signal boost this for the world to see what’s going on.

UPDATE: Our president, Dilma Rousseff, is threatening to shut down internet in the whole countrydue to (but not only) recently getting booed by the whole stadium (60k people more or less) while declaring open the confederations cup. This is not okay. This is untolerable. We live in a democracy. We want our rights. Again, please, Signal boost this.

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